Top 3 Benefits Of Online Language Tutoring

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Online tutoring has been an integral component of the education sector for some time now, but the demand for this particular method of learning has increased over the past two years with the impact of a global pandemic affecting education across all ages, around the world.

Many educators and parents have adapted to a ‘new normal’ when it comes to students’ learning following the initial school closures, which had to be balanced with a necessity to continue education throughout that time. It’s perhaps no surprise then that online learning has now been pushed to the forefront of the minds of both parents and teachers alike.

For those students of languages that have previously been used to learning in both the classroom environment and private face-to-face language tuition, they have now come to see the benefits of being able to access high-quality learning tools online. Here, we highlight what we believe are the top three benefits of receiving online language tutoring.

Personalised tuition 

Arguably the best benefit of online language tutoring is that it can be tailored to specific needs. Whether those students need help furthering basic English skills or to better their knowledge of the different tenses, personalised tuition allows them to focus on the areas they feel need the most improvement. 

With filters galore so that people can select their ideal tutor and match their learning experience to their availability and needs, platforms such as Preply ensure that students can get everything they need from the services they provide. 

One-to-one learning

Online tutoring is different to online classes in that tutoring enables a completely one-to-one language learning experience, complementing the above benefit of a tailored experience to meet the needs of the learner.

The biggest benefit of one-to-one learning is that no student will be left behind in their exciting quest to learn a new language – they have the complete attention of their tutor for the whole session, allowing for continuous instruction, feedback and advice. This is a key factor as it enables tutors to provide their learners with a personalised experience. 

Flexible timetable

Another benefit of one-on-one online tutoring is the flexibility to adjust your schedule to meet the availability of just yourself and your tutor, rather than having to be available at a certain time for each class session. Being able to learn a language at a time that is convenient alongside your full-time job and busy home life is important. 
There are many methods to learn a new language alongside a busy home and work life but certainly, the ability to arrange and reschedule one-to-one tutoring on a flexible schedule is a bonus. It allows the learner to study at a time and location of their convenience and also increases the likelihood that students will persist with their studies as opposed to falling behind if other life commitments take precedence.

So, online tuition can be an accessible and affordable way of learning a new language and there is something available for everyone out there who wishes to broaden their linguistic skills. In an age of worldwide connectivity, it is becoming increasingly beneficial to be able to use more than one language and we have demonstrated some key benefits in learning through online tuition.

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