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At this point in time, everyone has a website. Whether you need one or not, it is a virtual assurance that you are one step closer to being a legitimate entity. The only businesses that could do without one are supermarkets that you’ve been going to as a child, where their legitimacy is already guaranteed. However, any new businesses cannot expect to succeed without an online presence, not anymore.

The creative director of Design Point, Adrian Marolda, reinforces the idea with the following, “your web address is the only one that matters, with it, anyone can find information regarding your operating hours, services, menu, etcetera. It’s the key piece of information that delivers all other information to your potential customers in a linear way. Websites are your virtual representation. We all need one.” As Melbourne’s leading website design and digital agency, Design Point practices what they preach. With a single click, their entire company’s profile and portfolio is available to anyone. Their website offers a rich plethora of information dedicated to education as to why a digital presence is so important and their employable services.

Their first and foremost vision is to create highly engaging websites that actually work. It can’t just be pretty, it has to increase user conversions and maxing out their ROI on every website. This means that they employ a dedicated team of web designers, developers, strategists and specialists to tailor digital solutions for any business. 

“We are growth-focused,” Marolda continues when asked about what Design Point hopes to achieve, “we want our clients to be entirely satisfied with our services. We are willing to go above and beyond to ensure that all our goals are met. We are the ideal partner because we only judge our success by our client’s success. If our clients are not profiting off our solutions, neither are we.” It is apparent how driven and dedicated the group at Design Point are. 

There is a certain understanding that web development and website design are two separate entities but very rarely do end-consumers understand enough to separate the two. Where the design might draw the eye and make it user-friendly as well as easy to navigate, it’s the developmental aspect that enables it to move and bring you to where you want to go. If web design is the food on your table, web development is the kitchen staff, working to make sure that they deliver perfection. Neither can exist without the other

Having worked with Hyundai Forklifts Victoria, Fenix Light Australia, and featured by Mumbrella and Australian Anthill, Design Point is the solution to any of your digital problems. They can deal with anything under the hood and if you’re looking to boost visibility, this is the company to go to. According to one of their clients, Mary, “We were fortunate to have found a web design company whom listens to our needs and actions it accordingly in an efficient manner. Design Point is very competent and cost-effective.” She goes on to praise the team for being knowledgeable as well as responsive and offering creative solutions, making them easy to work with and highly recommended by her.

The Toy Tent is another success story whereby they were able to convert traffic into conversions. They saw an 82% increase in organic searches upon employing the services of Design Point. Aside from that, they also had a 75% increase in social traffic and are now ranked on the first page of Google search results. This is the dream for any small businesses hoping to make it big. It isn’t limited to a global reach as the internet often is, but can be localized to include local markets or be seen only by those in the vicinity of your business area. The client goes on to praise Design Point and says, “Our business has expanded thanks to Design Point. Their work on my website and SEO which has proven to be effective, efficient and rewarding.”

SEO is something that has been invariably tied to websites in order for them to rank higher. However, it’s not all about ranking, as anyone can tell you, keywords matter. If you’re ranking high for a keyword that hardly anyone ever searches for, what’s the point? The idea is to rank high for a keyword that is relevant to your business, one that is filled with the implication of a desire to not only learn more but to commit and make a purchase. For instance, instead of ranking for “puppy”, a pet shop should aim to rank for “puppy near me” or “puppy breeders” as the keywords which are being used by those with the intention to make a purchase. Likewise, you don’t want to rank for a word that is irrelevant to your brand or services. 
One thing is for certain, you don’t want to try to do SEO, website design, ad targeting and so on if that’s not your forte. Instead of wasting your time and resources trying to do a job that professionals can easily do for you in a tenth of the time, focus on your business and leave the digital work to the experts at Design Point.

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