10 Reasons to Get a Microsoft Azure Certification

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Azure is Microsoft’s cloud offering, which saw substantial growth in recent years. Enterprises enjoy Azure’s hybrid compatibility, which is why many IT professionals are required to get a Microsoft Azure certification. Read on to learn about ten key benefits of getting a Microsoft Azure certification.

1. Flexible Career

A Microsoft azure certification enables you to pursue a wide range of career options. You can become a cloud architect, a developer or solution architect. In addition, the certification enables you to work in various industries at different locations.

Companies in all industries migrate to the cloud because of the benefits they get in storage, compute, and networking. An Azure certification can get you into different roles in industries like healthcare, finance and entertainment. In addition, many certified Azure professionals work in different places like France, the UK, France, the United States, and more.

2. Attractive Salary Package

An official Azure certification shows that you have specific technical skills rather than generic abilities. Certified cloud professionals are likely to get better recognition compared to other technology fields.

Azure Developers’ average salary is estimated at $136,768 per year. The average salary of an Azure Architect is $152,879 per year. You can improve your salary by taking additional courses and becoming a senior Azure professional. 

Keep in mind that salaries can be different across countries and organizations, and an Azure specialist can get anything from $40,914 to $172,170 on average per year.

3. Fast Learning Process

Microsoft Azure provides a concise learning approach for certifications, which enables quick learning. You do not have to learn how to use all the different Azure tools. You can find many other easy-to-learn tools like Hadoop, Xcode and Eclipse. As a result, beginners can quickly adapt to the platform and use Azure services with ease.

When studying for the Azure certification exam, you can use online resources like books, videos, university courses, and tutorials. However, professional offline courses are more effective in gaining practical knowledge. 

4. Lower IT Costs

Azure provides a comprehensive integration between data centers and cloud infrastructure. As a result, small and medium-sized businesses can host their entire infrastructure in the cloud. 

As a certified Azure professional, you can reduce IT costs in your company by effectively scaling and managing hosted assets. In addition, certified professionals can reduce costs in critical areas like power utilization, new software redesign, and maintenance of information security systems.

5. Improved Security Standards

Microsoft Azure certifications provide access to better security offerings, like the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL). SDL assures that you get complete protection and security for your Azure applications. In addition, the European data protection authorities consider Azure to be a valid and trusted cloud service.

Azure incorporates controls that are aligned with the ISO 27018 international standard for cloud privacy. The standard enables organizations to focus on development and other business aspects rather than worry about security. The Azure certification provides the necessary knowledge you need to protect your data.

6. Proof of Commitment

An Azure certification proves that you are able to commit since you have to go through a lot to get one. To get a certificate, you have to sign up for a course, study, and then pass all exams. This implies that you can commit your time and resources towards achieving a goal, and that you are dedicated to improving your career objectives in the long term. 

Commitment and dedication are among the most admired qualities by employers. The certification can help you stand out. The Azure certification can also help you perform better during job interviews, compared to other candidates with the same work experience. Employers typically prefer certified professionals.

7. Enterprise Agreement Support

The Microsoft enterprise agreement provides discounted prices for tools and software based on a commitment to a certain amount of spending. Usually, the more you buy, the bigger your discount. 

Enterprise agreement discounts range from 15% to 45%. The minimum listed commitment is 500 new users or devices for commercial companies. As a certified Azure professional, you can get a job in a company that makes the most out of this agreement, and enjoy the lower prices for tools and services.

8. Professional Development

The demand for Azure services grows every day. Different certification types provide a solid base for professional development. These certifications cover multiple topics for developers and solution experts. In addition, more than six million government organizations use Azure cloud services. This means that you can also get a position in a government organization. 

9. Improved DevOps Skills

Azure offers a DevOps certification for candidates that already have some fundamental knowledge of Azure. There are two possible scenarios for applying for the Azure DevOps engineer expert certification.

A candidate must have an associate-level certification either as an Azure developer or as an Azure administrator. Beginners should first complete the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam. However, you cannot just qualify as a DevOps engineer after qualifying to get the certification. You need to get some experience first.

10. Improve your Artificial Intelligence Skills

The demand for professional Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineers is increasing at an unbelievably fast rate. As a result, there is also a high demand for AI engineers that are comfortable working in Azure.

To become a certified Azure AI engineer you have to pass a certification exam that tests your Azure and AI skills. The exam is ideal for experienced AI engineers interested in developing AI solutions in Azure. The certification exam tests your knowledge in natural language processing, computer vision, speech recognition, and bots.


The growing demand for a career in cloud computing is a good enough reason to acquire an Azure certification. It can also help you gain better career opportunities in different sectors and locations. In addition, the certificate offers many professional development options that can help you achieve your goals. Hopefully, this article helped you better understand whether you need an Azure certificate or not.

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